Balancing the real and the illusion

Matt Risk’s performances have baffled, entranced, and delighted audiences all over Canada. His childhood passion for magic grew into both a fascination with the art of prestidigitation and an interest in the more mystical art of the Wizard. This journey, which has taken him from deep into the Canadian woods all the way to the stage, has made Matt Risk into the dark and mysterious figure that he is today, leaving audiences wondering whether he truly is magic, or a master of illusion.

Be it close magic, card tricks, mentalism, mythic conjuring, or his signature bizzarist show, Matt Risk straddles the fine line between the authentic and the counterfeit, and revels in the numinous area where one becomes the other. His act is an attempt to reconcile the two: to challenge firmly-held beliefs through wonders, and to entrance the mind into a state of unknowing: perhaps the only place where reality can actually be observed directly.

Matt performs regularly around Montreal, and has shared the stage with some of Canada’s most promising burlesque and strange talent.

Matt Risk posing as the Magician Tarot figure